Award winning doctor delivers the best care you need. No one should ever suffer.
We hope to make the first visit not just an opportunity to deal with any medical concerns you may have but also a time to get acquainted with you.
We believe in education. You can download lots of educational material from our website. Go to Education section and download. Website will be updated constantly. Please email us if you need any other information not included. We will respond to you via email or fax and will send the educational material to you.
We accept Medicare and most other insurances. Please call us before making an appointment. We will be happy to verify the eligibility and coverage for you.
Thanks for visiting our website where you'll find health care professional and staff dedicated to providing you with the highest level of quality care.
Whether you suffer from acute or chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, headaches, abdominal pain, pain related to cancer, pain from surgery, pinched nerve in neck or your low back, pain causing poor sleep, pain from Injury, musculoskeletal pain such as pain in arms and legs, arthritis pain, and joint pain, herniated or bulging disc or spinal stenosis, we can help you find the source of your pain, evaluate the pain syndromes, manage your distress and get you on the road to recovery through comprehensive treatment plans, trigger point injections, Intramuscular injections, exercise program and educations.
If you have diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sinus and allergy problems, cough, colds, flu and strep throat, sexually transmitted diseases, and sport injuries, or need to have physicals, lab draw or EKG, do an office procedure such as  mole and wart removal, laceration repair, do pregnancy testing, men & women health care, and any other health problems, we will take care of you.   
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Top 10 Family Doctors in San Jose, CA
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